Dr. Nohora Rodriguez

Dr. Nohora Rodriguez

Dr. Nohora Rodriguez


Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Nohora Rodriguez is the heart of Designing Beautiful Smiles. Dentistry has been her passion her entire life and she brings her love for the craft and commitment to making patients feel cared for every day.

Dr. Rodriguez is originally from Bogota, Colombia, where she first studied dentistry and opened her first dental practice. In 1999, Dr. Rodriguez moved to the U.S with her family and continued her dedication to dentistry by teaching at Nova Southeastern University while she worked for her Doctorate of Dental Medicine. Dr. Rodriguez graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2009, with her second dental degree and began working as a dentist in South Florida. Dr. Rodriguez is a student at heart and regularly attends Dental seminars to stay at the edge of the dental field, especially focused around cosmetic dentistry and implant technology.

South Florida has been her home for 20 years, and she loves to provide top-quality dental care for the Broward community. She has built Designing Beautiful Smiles with love and dedication, operating with the same care and warmth that she gives her own family.

Outside of the office, Dr. Rodriguez enjoys practicing yoga, exploring nature and spending time with her family. A fun-fact, both Dr. Rodriguez’ daughter and son have contributed to the family-practice through internships!

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