Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a type of restoration that is designed to replace a missing tooth completely. It replaces the roots and the crown of a missing tooth without the need to wear a partial denture or compromise surrounding teeth for a bridge. Implants are often made of titanium, so they are durable and long-lasting. Most implants can last for a lifetime without the need for repairs or replacement.

Why Would Dental Implants Be Needed?

The reason you might benefit from an implant is because you’re missing one or more natural teeth. The implant is embedded into the jawbone, where it is given time to fuse with the bone itself. Once this happens, we can make a crown or bridge that fits over the new implant. By having implants placed, you’re improving the look and functionality of your smile.

Are there advantages to getting a dental implant?

One of the greatest benefits of an implant is its ability to restore full chewing power. This means patients with implants can enjoy their food just as they would with their natural teeth. Most patients report that they can't discern the difference between their natural teeth and the implant tooth. It feels, functions, and looks just like a natural tooth.

The implant tooth is designed to function like a normal tooth, so patients can eat with it completely normally.Patients can and should maintain their regular oral hygiene practices. This includes brushing and flossing the implant tooth just as they would with their natural teeth.

How do I know if I need a dental implant?

You need a dental implant if you’re missing one or more of your natural teeth or your dentures don’t fit properly. Implants are the solution. They can really make you smile wide again.

How long is the process to receive a dental implant?

The dental implant procedure can be completed in about two appointments. It can take anywhere from two and a half to three months for the implant to be fully accepted, after which a dental crown can be added. You can expect the first appointment to take a couple of hours. The second appointment will take place months later after the implant has healed. Thereafter, we will add an abutment device to the implant, which will support the permanent crown.

What is a dental Implant?

Dental implants are a replacement option for missing teeth. The implant itself is attached to your jaw and acts like a roof for your tooth.

Are dental implants permanent?

You may have heard that the lifespan of a dental implant is 25 years or more, which is true, provided you take proper care of it. Whether a dental implant can last forever is influenced by some factors, such as how well you take care of your dental implant with daily flossing and brushing, seeing a dentist every 6 months, and the nature of your lifestyle and overall health.

Are dental implants safe?

Although some people may be afraid of this type of dental procedure, dental implant surgery is very delicate and secure. The implantation procedure is also intricate, ensuring the highest level of comfort with minimal risk for the patient. Dental Implants are typically made from titanium, a metal that is biocompatible with the human body. Dental implant surgery is 98% effective, and at Designing Beautiful Smiles, a specialist places your implants.

Who Is A Candidate For Dental Implants?

Implants need healthy, solid bone to fuse with after being placed. If you have areas of bone loss, we might suggest having bone grafting done prior to the implant surgery. This helps to build up the area with either donor or synthetic bone. We will take x-rays of the area to determine if implants are right for you and if bone grafting is needed.

What Happens During The Dental Implant Procedure?

The implant procedure begins with anesthetic to numb the mouth and relax you. We then make a small incision into the gums and embed the implant post deep into the jawbone. The implant is then given several months to heal on its own. Integration with the bone takes anywhere from three to six months, though this will vary depending on the patient. We then make a special restoration for the top of the implant, whether this is a crown or bridge. Some patients may even benefit from having multiple implants placed in order to keep a full denture in place.

If you think you might benefit from a dental implant, call our office today and we will be happy to help answer your questions.